Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Time Reader's Theater

Third grade Title I students were asking to do a Christmas Reader's Theater this year.  I chose Stan and Jan Berenstain's book "The Bear's Christmas."  This book is great for working on fluency, phrasing and expression because of the rhyming conversation between Papa Bear and his Son.  There was also high engagement from the students because of their excitement for Christmas.  Each of my classes only have three students, so one student chose to be Papa Bear and then two students rotated for the son. The students who were Papa Bear got a lot of practice.

The students highlighted their parts and practice reading using whisper phones.  Some even took their scripts home to practice.  I hope you enjoy the end results.  The kids worked really hard and enjoyed participating in this reader's theater.

Brayden and Carla

Brayden and Ava

Ethan and Hunter

Ethan and Boston

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