Thursday, October 22, 2015

Making a Difference

Third grade students read a non-fiction book called Canstruction Creations.  They learned how making a creative structure out of cans can help make a difference in many peoples lives.  People enter the Canstruction Creations contest to help feed hungry families. Teams of volunteers decide what to build, make a plan, and then choose what types and colors of cans they will need to make and shape their structure.   The next step is collecting the cans.  It takes thousands of cans to make these big structures.  Teams receive help from food companies as well as other people in the community to purchase cans of food.  Teams can use cardboard, tape or wire to help keep their structure sturdy, but glue is not allowed.  Judges choose their favorite creations, but every team ends up a winner because they are helping to feed hungry families. Once the contest is over, volunteers take the creations apart and donate the food local food banks in their communities.  Students also watched a few videos of some of the 2015 Canstruction Creations in Kansas City.

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